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Plastic Bottle Recycling | HCCB

Recycling Plastic bottles for a better environment

Recycling is a process of collecting materials that are already used. The waste products are collected and processed for reusage. The waste products are segregated and converted into raw materials so that they can be reused for developing newer products.

Recycling of plastics is essential in today’s world for the betterment of the environment. Since plastics are non-biodegradable substances and take decades to degrade and is a threat to the environment. So, it is necessary to recycle plastic to maintain a circular plastic economy. Recycling and chemically treating plastic are done to protect the environment from plastic pollution that contaminates the Earth.

Plastic bottles are useful because they are durable, but this is a liability for the environment when discarded. These plastic bottles are seen polluting the oceans of the world and are causing a significant ecological hazard. The plastic wastes if not processed properly, will accumulate in landfills in large volumes and may pose danger to the animals and human habitations.

Recycling plastics also helps reduce fossil fuel consumption to a greater extent. As per the Energy Information Administration, 191 million barrels of crude oil were used to make plastics for consumption.

HCCB considers plastic waste management as a responsible activity and works towards achieving the circular economy in plastic. Plastic bottle recycling has been a serious concern in the HCCB ecosystem. Since the introduction of PET bottles, the primary product for the bottles of HCCB beverages the dependency on plastic increased to a larger extent. This results in generation of large volumes waste plastic. The proper disposal of the generated waste plastic is a challenge. So, as a responsible entity HCCB came up with many initiatives and innovations: Many initiatives like plastic waste recycling program, plastic bottle recycling units, proper plastic waste collection methods in association with various NGOs, developing recyclable plastic from marine plastic and many other methods were taken by HCCB to reduce plastic waste. Various awareness drives across country were conducted to increase awareness among the people about plastic bottle recycling.

HCCB is one of the Top FMCG companies in India continues its efforts towards achieving a circular plastic economy and continues to meet its sustainability goal by 2020.


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The best way to deal with plastic waste is to recycle it!